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Important Sign
Important Sign

PSA: Sanitary Sewer Emergency

***4/18/19 Update: This emergency remains in effect. We urge citizens to continue limiting domestic water use that enters the sanitary sewer system AND that all sump pump discharge lines be routed to the street storm sewers (not household drains). ***

The City of Madison is declaring a sanitary sewer emergency.  All sewer system users are urged to curtail usage of the sewer system until further notice.  

ALL sump pump discharge lines must be routed to the street, storm sewer or other free flowing drainage area.  The City of Madison appreciates the prompt response residents have shown in the past.

Sanitary Sewer Emergency

This emergency remains in effect. Click for details.

City Wide Cleanup: May 6-9, 2019

Madison's City Wide Cleanup has been scheduled for May 6-9, 2019. Click for more information.

VOTE 2019

The 2019 Municipal Election was held April 9, 2019. Click for updates.

Sump Pump Notice

Starting April 1st, all residents with sump pumps must route them outside. Click for more details.