Madison Fire DepartmentMission

The mission of the Madison Volunteer Fire Department is to protect the citizens of Madison and Lake County and their property from fires and other emergencies through education and prevention.


The Madison Fire Department averages 28 members and we provide fire protection for approximately 10,000 residents in Lake County. We cover 10 of the 16 townships in Lake County totaling 350 square miles. We have mutual aid agreements with neighboring departments as needed. 

Numerous of our members are also wildland certified firefighters who participate in larger wildland fires that may occur anywhere in the state.

Through cooperation and support from the City of Madison, rural townships, and all the citizens we serve, we are able to provide fire prevention and emergency protection services for a large area of Lake County. We spend an enormous amount of time on education, training, and other fire related services that we offer to the public to insure the safety of Lake County.

Community Involvement

Every year we spend time with the youth of our county making visits to schools and providing demonstrations with our safety trailer at other events such as Discovery Days. We find it is very important to teach kids at a young age about fire prevention and how to handle emergency situations. We ask that all residents of Lake County make sure they have proper fire alarms in place, fire extinguishers in key locations, and develop a fire plan that you can run through with your children to insure that they can get out safely in the event of a fire.

Throughout the year, you may also see many training exercises where we assist the public in burning old structures or large swaths of land that may be enrolled in government programs. We use these opportunities to help provide training for our firefighters by staging scenarios and practicing active fire evolutions.

If you are looking to support or get involved with the fire department, we have many opportunities to meet our members throughout the year during public fundraising events. We have a fireman's dance and bike safety event each spring, along with working during the annual bull riding event at the Prairie Village. Every fall during harvest we have a large pork feed that brings a large group of the community out for a great meal with good company. If interested in supporting the fire department by joining our team or through monetary donation, please contact Chief Minnaert at the Madison Fire Department and follow us on our Facebook page.

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