Load Management Information


Sign up for Load Management with the City of Madison and you could save over $200 on your annual utility bill!

Load Management is the shifting of certain types of electrical use to off-peak periods in order to save money. Participants in Madison's load management program can earn credits each month on their utility bills by allowing the city to briefly cycle certain appliances on and off during peak periods.

Switch to load management today! You'll save money and help the city maintain stable rates.

Eligible Appliances

  • Electric water heaters earn up to $7.50 per month credit
  • Air conditioners earn up to $22.50 per month credit for three summer months
  • Electric heat earn up to $22.50 per month credit for three winter months

Note: Savings numbers based on maximum monthly incentives available. Actual savings will vary depending on the type of appliance being controlled.

Additional Information