NW 9th Street


Kissner Paving is on site doing asphalt patch work on the edges at intersections and access points.  They will hopefully be completed with this work by Friday, December 1st.  Zacharias Construction is on site doing dirt work behind the curb & gutter.  This work should be wrapped up by the end of the week as well.   Pavement striping will be done around the elementary school next week. There will be cleaning up of the project site going on in the next week or so along with some various other tasks to get the project site buttoned up for the winter.


The private entrance to the apartments will be closed the next few days as concrete work is completed.  During this time access to areas north of NW 9th Street will need to be made via the Josephine Avenue or Union Avenue Intersections. Timmons concrete is currently working on completing Sidewalk & ADA Ramps throughout the project.  They are hoping to have this work wrapped up by the end of this week or early next week.  Zacharias construction will be on site on Friday November 17th working on the black dirt backfill behind the curb & gutter, and adjacent to driveway approaches and sidewalks.  As of today its not likely that the 2nd lift of asphalt will be placed on NW 9th Street before the end of the construction season.  We are currently evaluating the best way to prep the existing roadway for the winter months.  Another project update will be provided with this information the first part of the week of 11-20-23.


Asphalt paving on the west portion of the project (primarily in front of the Elementary School) is scheduled to commence Tuesday October 24th at 9:00am. Bowes Construction will be performing that work. They will begin on the east side of Liberty Avenue and they will work west to tie into the existing asphalt on the west side of Chicago Avenue. Traffic will be very limited in this area during the day but routes to the school for both buses and parents picking up students will be reestablished before school lets out for the day and emergency access to the school will remain constant during the work.

Timmons Concrete will continue to work on all remaining concrete curb and gutter and valley gutters on the east end of the project and Zacharias Construction will be following behind with gravel installation. Due to trying to get everything done as quickly as possible, traffic routes will be changing quickly and we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Project contractors will try to keep interruption of access to a minimum and the duration of closures to be as short as possible.

At this time there are no further paving updates to share from Liberty Avenue to the east end of the project, but the information will be made available when it is known.

10-18-23 Concrete work continues on NW 9th Street.  Timmons concrete has finished the mainline Curb & Gutter along NW 9th Street.  They are now working on the Radii, Fillets, and Valley Gutters at the Chicago, Liberty, Union, and Josephine Avenue intersections.  Concrete work at these intersections is hoping to be completed by the end of the day on Friday October 20th.  The Union Avenue intersection will be closed to traffic from 10-17-23 to 10-23-23, and the Josephine Avenue Intersection will be closed to traffic from 10-19-23 to 10-25-23.  Access to Union Avenue and Josephine Avenue north of 9th street from 10-18-23 to 10-23-23 will need to be made through the private drive going north between the Union Avenue & Josephine Avenue intersections.  This private drive will then be closed to traffic on 10-23-23 when the Union Avenue intersection is reopened to traffic.  Finish grading work will begin on NW 9th Street on Friday October 20th.

9/27/2023 Zacharias Construction is on site digging out subgrade from the Josephine Avenue Intersection to the East end of the project.  They are also working on placing base course material from the Liberty Avenue Intersection to the Josephine Avenue Intersection.  This work should be completed on Thursday, September 28th.  Timmons Concrete will be on site later this week working on concrete and curb & gutter from the elementary school to the Josephine Avenue Intersection.  Friessen Construction will be on site later this week or early next week to place the soil cement from the Josephine Avenue Intersection to the East end of the project.  Access to the North of 9th Street can be made via the Liberty and Union Avenue intersections.

9-15-23 Friesen Construction is on site placing soil cement between Liberty and Josephine Avenues.  Once the Union Avenue intersection is closed off access will need to be made via the Josephine Avenue intersection.  Once soil cement is in place there is a 72 hour cure period and no traffic will be allowed on NW 9th Street between Liberty Avenue and Josephine Avenue until the base course is placed in this stretch of roadway.  Winter Contracting is working on installing Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer to the East of Josephine Avenue.

9-11-23 Winter Underground will be working on finishing up water and sewer services, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer between Josephine Avenue and the creek the week of 9-11-23. They will also be doing the water main tie-in at the Josephine Avenue intersection. When this tie in is being completed the Josephine Intersection will be closed.  Zacharias construction is on site doing grading work from Liberty Avenue to Josephine Avenue.  Timmons concrete will be on site this week doing concrete work around the elementary school and Liberty Avenue area.

8-29-23 Winter Underground continues working on underground utilities between Union and Josephine Avenues.  This includes storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water services.  They should wrap this area up on 8-30-23.  From there they will move to underground utility work from Josephine Avenue moving to the east.  This will include sanitary sewer pipe and services, storm sewer, and water services.  Zacharias Construction will be on site later this week to work on the subgrade between Liberty & Josephine Avenues.  Timmons Concrete will be on site working on concrete in the elementary school area.


Winter Contracting Continues to work on Storm Sewer between Union & Liberty Avenues.  Crew is placing gravel and touching up the East & West entrances to the elementary school in preparation for the first Day of school on Tuesday August 22nd.  Starting Tuesday August 22nd both the East & West Entrances to the elementary school will be available for use for student drop off in the morning and for student pick up in the afternoon.  There may be other times throughout the day that one entrance or the other may be closed for various construction tasks, but at least one entrance will be available for use during these times. 

Directions for dropping off and picking up students at Madison Central Elementary School. Dropping off students at the school will need to enter 9th Street by driving North up Liberty Avenue and then turning West (left) onto 9th Street and entering the East school entrance. After dropping your student off on the North side of the elementary school, you will exit out of the same entrance and turn West (right) onto 9th Street to help with traffic flow.

So again, all vehicle traffic coming into the elementary will come from the East on Liberty Avenue and will exit out to the West onto 9th Street.

All students who are walking to school from the East will need to walk on the sidewalk on the South side of 9th Street down to Chicago Avenue where there will be crossing guards located for Chicago Avenue and for crossing 9th Street onto school grounds.

If you plan to drop your students off at a place other than the school, we recommend dropping them off at Chicago Avenue and 8th Street and they can then walk North to where the crossing guards are located.

During this time of school starting and road construction around the elementary school, we need EVERYONE TO SLOW DOWN and ALWAYS be watchful for CHILDREN.

This plan will be used until further notice.

Thank you!


Winter Underground will be installing the remaining storm sewer between Union Avenue and Liberty Avenue the rest of this week.  They will move to working on the remaining Watermain Installation the week of August 21st.  Timmons Concrete will be working on the concrete at the west entrance of the Elementary School the next couple of days and then they will work on the remainder of the work from Chicago Avenue to Liberty Avenue the week of August 21st.  Zacharias Construction will be on site Monday of next week doing some gravel touch up work around the elementary school and then working to the east along NW 9th Street.   The east entrance to the elementary school will be open to traffic on August 17th and August 18th.  Both entrances to the elementary school will be open daily from 7:15am to 8:30am and from 2:30pm to 3:30pm to accommodate drop off and pick up starting the morning of August 22nd.  One entrance or the other may be closed during the other hours of the day to accommodate various construction tasks but there will always be access via one or both entrances throughout the other hours of the day.  All but 3 temporary mailboxes on the project will be relocated from their current location to the north of NW 9th Street along the west side of Josephine Avenue to the north of the first alley.  The remaining 3 temporary mailboxes; for 914 N Liberty, 921 N Union, and 924 N Union will be relocated to where the cluster of mailboxes are located at NW 8th Street & N Liberty Avenue.

8-10-2023 Winter Contracting continues to install storm sewer between Josephine Avenue and Liberty Avenue along NW 9th Street.  Zacharias Construction is working on the grading from Chicago Avenue to Union Avenue.  There will be some closures of the Liberty Avenue and Union Avenue intersections while this work is being done.  Tree removals along the project will be taking place within the next few days.  Concrete work between Chicago Avenue and Union Avenue will taking place the week of 8-14-23. 

8-1-23 Winter contracting is installing water main in the Josephine Avenue and NW 9th Street Intersection.  They should have that work wrapped up and the intersection opened to traffic by the end of the day of Tuesday August 1st.  The remainder of the week they will be installing storm sewer starting just west of Josephine Avenue moving to the west ending at the elementary school.  It is hopeful that this storm sewer work will be completed by the end of this week or early next week.

7/25/2023 Union Avenue will be opening today and as crews are working to the East, the Josephine Avenue intersection will be closing. Please use alternate route marked on map. (See image)

7-24-23  Winter Contracting is finishing up the Sanitary Sewer work in the Union Avenue intersection.  From there they will move to the Josephine Avenue intersection to work on the installation of water main.  Once that is completed, they plan on finishing the installation of storm sewer between Liberty and Chicago Avenues.  Northwestern energy continues to work in various areas along 9th Street.

7/19/2023 On Thursday July 20th from 8AM to 12PM Winter Contracting will have the water shut off in the area of the Union Avenue and NW 9th Street Intersection.  Please plan accordingly.

7/18/2023 Winter Contracting has completed the installation of water main from the Union Avenue Intersection to just west of the Josephine Avenue Intersection.  They are currently installing the south water main leg at the Union Avenue Intersection.  Once finished with water main in the Union Avenue Intersection they will be installing sanitary sewer in the Union Avenue intersection.  Expect the Union Avenue intersection to be closed to traffic for the remainder of this week and possibly early next week as well.  Northwestern Energy continues to work on relocating gas mains throughout the project.

6/30/2023 Winter is working on installing the storm sewer between Liberty Avenue and Chicago Ave. The boring contractor has been working on watermain installation under the creek to the east of Josephine Ave. 

All intersections will be open for resident access over the weekend and throughout the 4th of July. The segment of roadway between Josephine Ave and Egan Ave will be closed to through traffic due to watermain installation operations.

The contractor will not be resuming work on the project until July 5th.

6/16/2023 Winter Contracting is planning to keep Josephine intersection northbound closed over the weekend and into Monday. The intersection at Liberty will be closing on Monday June 19 and will remain closed throughout the week. Access to 9th Street will need to be made through Union Ave. 

6/14/2023 Winter is planning on keeping the North side of NW 9th and Josephine Intersection closed for the evening. East to West Traffic will be kept open. Residents that need to go North on Josephine will have to use the alternate access between Union and Josephine. 

6/13/2023 Winter Contracting has commenced installation of watermain on the east side of Chicago Avenue in front of the Elementary School. At the opposite (east) end of Phase 2, TE Underground has began to work to bore watermain under the creek. Northwestern Energy's contractor The Electric Company has also been on site assuring that gaslines are being moved out of the way of the project. If you have questions on the project, we welcome your questions. Please utilize the contact information on the Project Information section of the graphic to the right of the page.

6/9/2023 Sediment control at storm sewer structures will be finished today. Beyond that, the amount of work will be dictated by the weather.

Mail: The City Engineering office has been in contact with the Post Office during this project to determine needs. We will continue coordinating with them. Once project personnel know what will work best for carriers and property owners, we are committed to provide it. This may consist of temporary boxes or mailbox clusters at a single or multiple accessible locations.

6/8/2023 Zacharias Construction has completed most of the surfacing removals and will remove trees marked for removal soon. Winter Contracting has adjusted their schedule to allow for the watermain bore under the bridge to occur before beginning watermain work so they will not be digging in the Josephine Avenue intersection today. They will instead be doing investigations to assure correct elevations of existing utilities this week ahead of installation of water, sanitary, and storm systems the following and working on underground installations near the Elementary School. The boring contractor TE Underground is tentatively scheduled to begin the bore on Monday June 12th. Timmons Concrete will be working on sidewalk on Phase 1 areas at the west end of the project. Topsoil and seeding will follow that work at a yet to be determined date.

6/6/2023 Winter Contracting plans to start utility installation on Thursday June 8th in the intersection of Josephine Avenue and working east on NW 9th Street on Phase 2A (see map). The waterline will be bored under the creek and a subcontractor will mobilize to the site to complete that work, potentially next week. Remaining removals will be completed this week including tree removals marked with pink ribbon. Traffic control demarcating alternate traffic routes when work is occurring in intersections will be in place but please feel free to contact City Engineering, Banner Associates, or the Contractor using the information on the map with questions about the project. Temporary driveways have been installed and will be maintained as needed. Questions about garbage pickup should be directed to the Public Works office at 605-256-7515. 

6/5/2023 Traffic control has been installed and surfacing removals will commence on 9th Street on Phase 2A. Please use the contact information for the Contractor, Consultant and Engineering office listed on the map with questions. 

5/31/2023 Due to high temps, paving will continue Thursday June1. 

5/24/2023 Paving will begin Thursday May 25 starting on the HWY 81 end and moving East. Paving should take two days. No roads will be closed for paving except for while the truck is moving through. 

5/10/2023 Curb and gutter is being poured! This means paving is soon to follow. 

5/5/2023 Northwestern Energy will be working in the intersection of West Avenue and NW 9th starting Tuesday 5/9. Traffic will be down to one lane. 

5/2/2023 With warmer weather around the corner, construction may be resuming week of May 1. Contractors will begin work on NW 9th Street from Highland to Chicago, completing this section that was started last year. 

When this section is complete and school has let out for the summer, work will continue onto Phase 2 (Orange Section) from the creek to Josephine Avenue. 

Project 2 Update 6 2023 Map of ninth street progress