Water System Improvement 1B

6/13/2023 J&J Earthworks and their paving subcontractor ASCO will be cleaning the streets, working on raising structures to the surface elevation, milling edges, and paving/repairing some bottom lifts in other spots tomorrow. The plan is to begin paving the top 2" lifts on Thursday. Dirt work has commenced on the project and seeding will follow. Even with high temperatures the contractor will plant grass but if they experience lack of growth or burn off, they will need to reseed again when conditions allow. Watering will assist with growth and is something we want the contractor to do periodically to give the grass the best chance of survival. We are not asking landowners to also water the boulevard but have seen tremendous success when it is done often.

6/8/2023 Asphalt paving will pause for the remainder of the week as J&J Earthworks crews work to bring structures (manholes, valves, etc.) to the surface in preparation for the second 2" lift of asphalt next week. Concrete surfacing work by Up North Concrete and Beyond Concrete will continue on sidewalks and driveways. J&J's seeding subcontractor will begin topsoil and seeding work behind the concrete crews. No exact date of arrival for the seeding contractor has been committed to. Traffic difficulty will be somewhat eased with the initial 2" lift of asphalt now installed, but we acknowledge the edges are rough unless carefully and slowly driven over. We stress caution while going through these areas, but the streets are open to traffic. We appreciate your patience as the project is continuing toward completion. 

6/5/2023 Asphalt paving will continue the week of June 5th through June 9th. ASCO, the asphalt subcontractor will likely finish all bottom 2” lifts of asphalt surfacing before moving forward with the top 2” lift. Please contact the prime contractor (J&J Earthworks) at 605-868-1922 with questions regarding timing and traffic control/access to property questions. During this time, concrete crews will also continue to work on any remaining concrete curb and gutter and surfacing items such as sidewalks, and the topsoil and seeding contractor will begin work where they can.

6/1/2023 Traffic Solutions is due on site for traffic signage to direct safe vehicular travel, but are unexpectedly and unfortunately not on site. The importance to get traffic control in place has been stressed to the Contractor by the City of Madison and Banner Associates. Completing concrete sidewalk and driveways preparing roadway base course for final surfacing. Asphalt paving to be completed over the next two weeks. 

5/2/2023 Beginning in May, contractors will prep and pave unfinished roads. When roads are complete, boulevard dirt work and seeding will begin. 

Water System Improvement 1B