Water System Improvement 2A

7/3/2023 Halme Construction and their subcontractor Sentry Concrete completed a walkthrough with the City today to go over concrete areas in need of some further repairs and that work will be taking place soon. The City has received a number of  questions regarding seeding and topsoil. With the hot weather, we are in a window with seeding restriction so re-seeding cannot be accomplished right now. We will continue to evaluate the growth of the grass and ask the contractor to perform some overseeding or reseeding as needed. Residents should plan to mow the boulevards in the interim. 

6/13/2023 Halme Construction Inc. and their subcontractors have a remaining list of items to address and the City and Banner Associates will continue to impress upon them the importance of finishing the project. The deadline for completion remains June 15th.

6/5/2023 Heavy rains damaged some of the recently soiled and seeded areas. The Contractor (Halme Inc.) will have their subcontractor address these areas by regrading and reseeding and a warranty period will be in place. There are also instances where concrete has cracked requiring removal and replacement of some and repair via sealing of others. The deadline for all this work to be completed is June 15th

6/1/2023 Contractor is completing boulevard restoration and seeding. Work continuing on punch list items. 

5/22/2023 Contractors will be setting up traffic control today 5/22 for closure of the north 2 lanes on NE 3rd St at the Prairie Ave and 3rd St intersection. It is expected that the duration of the closure will start today and be taken down during the day on Wednesday 5/24.  

5/2/2023 Crews are out cleaning up boulevards prepping for dirt work and seeding. 

Water System 2A