How do I find a contractor?

The Yellow Pages can be used as a resource in contacting 'Concrete Contractors'. Ask if they have bond and insurance filed with the City. Ask for references. Ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations. If you are unsure if a contractor has a current bond and insurance, call 605-256-7500 (Note: The City will not specifically recommend a contractor).

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1. Why was the sidewalk painted with pink paint?
2. What does the paint marking on the sidewalk mean?
3. At a street intersection, if the corner panel or pedestrian ramp are marked, who will pay for that?
4. Can the cost of the sidewalk repair be added to the property taxes?
5. How much will it cost if the city does the work?
6. How does the city cost compare with private contractors?
7. Will the city contractor replace sidewalk that was not marked?
8. Who can do the sidewalk repair work?
9. How do I find a contractor?
10. Who gets the permit?
11. What if a tree root lifted the sidewalk?
12. Is mud-jacking permitted?
13. Is grinding permitted?
14. Can the property owners mix their own concrete?