When is my utility bill due and when is it considered delinquent and/or my service terminated?

In accordance with Ordinance Number 1405 (PDF), payment of electric bills rendered shall be due by the date listed on the utility bill, but in no event shall be less than ten days from mailing by the Finance Office. Currently, utility bills are due either the 5th or the 20th of each month depending upon where you live within the city.

Consumers who are delinquent on their electric bills will be immediately mailed a "notice of account delinquent" which will state that the consumer will be given seven days to make payment, and if full payment is not received at the end of seven days, proceedings will be implemented to terminate utility service.

If the electric consumer has not made full payment of the delinquent amount within the seven days, as stated in the "notice of account delinquent", the Finance, Revenue and Electric Commissioner will direct the Finance Office, in writing, to issue a written notice to said electric consumer that electric service will be terminated after seven days. Said notice will give the time and date disconnection will commence, the exact dollar amount which is delinquent and must be paid to retain electric service, and state the reason upon which the disconnection is based.

Unless the consumer has entered into a payment agreement with the city, utility service will be terminated on the date sent out in said notice if the delinquent amount as stated in the letter is not paid in full.

An residential electric account which has been terminated either by disconnection or remained unpaid at the time scheduled for disconnection will not be reinstated until all billings on said account have been paid in full, including a reconnect/reinstatement charge of $50 if the electric utility service is reinstated during the regular electric department working hours and $100 if the electric utility service is reconnected after regular electric department working hours. Discontinued service will be resumed only upon full payment of all electric billings and the above stated electric service charge.

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