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Policy on Filling of Private Swimming Pools

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City of Madison Public Works

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401 S. Highland Ave.
Madison, SD 57042

P: (605) 256-7515
F: (605) 256-7538

Madison Public Works Department personnel will set up and remove the fire hydrant meter.  The property owner will be responsible for laying fire hose, regulating the flow of water used, and rolling up the hose when finished.  In cases where the hose crosses a street or alley, the street or alley shall be temporarily closed with barricades to prevent vehicles from driving over the hose.

Associated fees are as follows:

  • Labor @ $35.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum, balance to be billed in ½ hour increments.
  • Water used @ $3.00 per thousand gallons.
  • Hydrant meter charge @ $50.00 per day, one day minimum.
  • Fire hose charge @ $10.00 per day per 50 foot roll.

In cases where the closing of the street is required to protect the hose from vehicle traffic, the public works department shall close the street and supply the barricades free of charge.

Damaged or destroyed hoses shall be billed to the user at a cost of $335.15 per 50’ roll.  Damaged or destroyed hydrant meters shall be billed to the user at a cost of $1,116.20 each.

By requesting this service the consumer agrees to the terms stated above.

A 24 hour minimum notice is required to provide for scheduling of personnel and equipment.

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